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Model Year Model Serial Number Average Retail Wholesale Value Trend
2007 MX-7-180A N/A
2007 M-7-260 N/A
2007 M-7-235B w/IO-540 N/A
2007 M-7-235B w/O-540 N/A
2006 MX-7-180A N/A
2006 M-7-260 N/A
2006 M-7-235B w/IO-540 N/A
2006 M-7-235B w/O-540 N/A
2005 MX-7-180A N/A
2005 M-7-260 N/A
2005 M-7-235B w/IO-540 N/A
2005 M-7-235B w/O-540 N/A
2004 MX-7-160 N/A
2004 M-7-260 N/A
2004 M-7-235B w/IO-540 N/A
2004 M-7-235B w/O-540 N/A
2004 MX-7-180A N/A
2003 MX-7-160 N/A
2003 M-7-260 N/A
2003 M-7-235B w/IO-540 N/A
2003 M-7-235B w/O-540 N/A
2003 MX-7-180A N/A
2002 MX-7-160 N/A
2002 M-7-260 N/A
2002 M-7-235B w/IO-540 N/A
2002 M-7-235B w/O-540 N/A
2002 MX-7-180A N/A
2001 MX-7-180A N/A
2001 MX-7-160 N/A
2001 M-7-260 N/A
2001 M-7-235B w/IO-540 N/A
2001 M-7-235B w/O-540 N/A
2000 MX-7-160 N/A
2000 MX-7-180A N/A
2000 M-7-235B w/O-540 N/A
2000 M-7-235B w/IO-540 N/A
2000 M-7-260 N/A

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