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NOTE - This AD note listing is intended as a guide only and should not be relied upon as conclusive evidence of AD applicability on any particular aircraft. Entire Airworthiness Directives may be accessed at:

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AD No. MAKE Condensed description of ad note
98-24-35 Eurocopter Superseded by 03-22-6
98-24-32 Eurocopter Remove fairing with specific part number and inspect for broken springs to prevent loss of the tail rotor hub fairing. | AS-365,360 Series
98-24-31 Bell Inspect for chafing between fairing assembly and control tube assembly to prevent binding of the lateral control tube. | 430
98-24-3 Rolls-Royce Revised 99-24 | Inspect engine compressor and combustion core fairings and fasteners for cracks or damage to prevent possible detachment and of fairings during operation. | BR700-710A1-10,BR700-710A2-20
98-24-29 Aerostar Inspect the face of each wing's 55% upper spar cap for cracks to prevent possible structural failure. | PA-60-600,600P,700P,601,602P series
98-24-28 Allison Replace existing beryllium copper main fuel control bellows assemblies to prevent MFC bellows assembly leakage. | 250- series engines
98-24-23 Eurocopter Inspect horizontal stabilizer spar tubes to prevent failure of the horizontal stabilzer due to fatigue cracks. | SE3160,SA319B,SA316B,C
98-24-22 Agusta Install airworhty grip assemblies to prevent cracks that could result in separation of the tail rotor blade. | A109C
98-24-15 Bell Superseded by 00-8-52
98-24-14 Cessna Remove from service specific part number engine exhaust system WYE tubes, to prevent fuel lines bursting and possible fire. | 340A,414A
98-24-13 Eurocopter Remove tail rotor drive shaft and inspect for cracks or loose rivets to prevent failure of the tail boom vertical fin. | BK117 Series
98-24-11 Mooney Inspect aileron control links for cracks to prevent possible loss of aileron control. | M20,20M series
98-23-6 General Electric Replace specific part number combustor liners to prevent cracking and possible engine fire | CJ610,CF700
98-23-2 Cessna Modify wheel ski assemblies to prevent one or both skis from rotating into a nose down position during flight. | 180,185,A185 series
98-23-18 Bell Determine manufacturer of each barrel nut to prevent failure and possible loss of the main rotor, pitch horn, or tailboom. | 214ST,214B,-1
98-23-15 Raytheon Replace fuel feed hose assemblies to APU to prevent failure and possible fuel leakage. | 800XP
98-23-14 Piaggio Inspect elevator and aileron control retaining pins to prevent interference with flight control elements. | P-180
98-23-1 Parker Hannifin Replace flexible coupling with specific manufacturer date, to prevent failure of the primary dry air pump. | Various aircraft
98-22-9 Dassault Modify water heaters to prevent failure of water heaters and associated systems and possible smoke in the cabin. | 2000 series
98-21-9 Robinson Visually inspect fuel tank vent tubes in the mast fairing to prevent possible fuel starvation. | R22

Showing Results 201 - 220 of 5103 | View All
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