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NOTE - This AD note listing is intended as a guide only and should not be relied upon as conclusive evidence of AD applicability on any particular aircraft. Entire Airworthiness Directives may be accessed at:

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AD No. MAKE Condensed description of ad note
12-12-20 Turbomeca Issued to prevent loss of automatic control on one or both engines installed on the same helicopter which could result in uncommanded in-flight engine shutdown | Arriel 2C1,2C2, 2S2
12-12-18 Dassault Falcon Supersedes 10-18-3 | Revise the Abnormal Procedures and Limitations sections of the AFM as specified | Falcon 7X
12-12-17 Bombardier AD to prevent elongation of the pressure regulator neck, which could result in rupture of the oxygen cylinder | Challenger 300
12-12-11 Bell Unsafe condition, unfiltered TOT indicator over-temp warning light creates glare to night vision goggles | 206,A,A-1,B,B-1,L,L-1,L-3,L-4
12-11-7 Honeywell AD to prevent LP turbine overspeed leading to uncontained release of the LP turbine blades | ALF502L-2C, 502R-3,-3A,-5, LF507-1F,-1H
12-11-6 Gulfstream AD to detect and correct excessive gaps in the wing-to-fuselage attachement fittings | 1159, A, B
12-11-5 Enstrom Unsafe condition, failure of the trim relay in the cyclic trim system | F-28C,C-2,F, 280C,F,FX, TH-28, 480,B
12-11-2 Eurocopter Supersedes 8-22-51 | Unsafe condition, crack in the ring frame connecting the rear structure tube (tailboom) and the tail rotor fenestron housing | EC 135
12-10-9 Piper Supersedes 80-11-6 | Rework data plate to read Model PA-31T1 | PA-31T (SN 31T7804001 thru -7904057)
12-10-53 Eurocopter Supersedes 12-10-51 | Crack detection on the lower hub-shaft flange of the main rotor hub | EC135 models
12-10-51 Eurocopter Superseded by 12-10-53
12-10-4 Cessna Reports of cracks found in the wing lower main spar caps | 210 Models
12-10-2 Beechcraft Oversized clamps on fuel vapor return and/or fuel vent lines in the outboard sections of the left and right wings | 58, G58 models
12-10-14 Socata Installation of an incorrect part number during overhaul of nose landing gear | TBM 700
12-10-13 Continental Motors Supersedes 11-25-51 | AD requires replacing affected CMI starter adapters as specified | TSIO-520 series, TSIO-550-K, TSIO-550K, IO-550-N
12-10-1 Bell Unsafe condition from an over-torque of the tailboom attachment bolt | 427
12-1-11 Cirrus AD to inspect and modify the air box flange welds and slots and install induction system air box seals as applicable | SR22T
11-9-9 Bombardier Revisions to certain operator maintenance documents to include new inspections, see AD | Challenger 601,-3A,-3R; 604; 605
11-9-8 Pacific Aerospace Inspect the left and right-hand rudder pedal assemblies for cracks and incorporating a modification repair scheme if any cracks are found | 750XL
11-9-51 Piaggio Supersedes 11-1-53 | Remove central floor panels in the cabin, inspect fuselage belly and functionally test the fuselage drain holes as specified | P180

Showing Results 181 - 200 of 5103 | View All
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