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NOTE - This AD note listing is intended as a guide only and should not be relied upon as conclusive evidence of AD applicability on any particular aircraft. Entire Airworthiness Directives may be accessed at:

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AD No. MAKE Condensed description of ad note
10-23-1 Piaggio Inspect the elevator hinge fittings for corrosion and the stabilizer for delamination, repair as specified | P180
10-22-8 Eurocopter Replace each installed servo control that has a serial number listed in AD as specified | AS350B,BA,B1,B2,B3,D; AS355E,F,F1,F2,N
10-22-7 Eurocopter Supersedes 06-26-51 | Inspect tail rotor control lever if affected | MBB-BK-117
10-21-9 Piaggio Inspect the LH and RH engine mounted fuel heater for wear damage and minimum clearance as specified | P180
10-21-8 Piaggio Repetitive visual checks of oil levels and inspections of the oil dipsticks to detect faulty units | P180
10-21-7 Eurocopter Inspect for the proper operation of contactors 53Ka and 53Kb as specified | AS350B3, EC130B4
10-21-19 Bombardier Replace the aluminum fire extinguisher discharge tubes with new, improved stainless steel tubes as specified | Lear 45
10-21-18 Cessna Perform a general and focused inspection of the wing for internal and external damage from wing station 23 to the wing tip as specified | 336 and 337 models
10-21-15 Embraer Rework the elevators, elevator trim tabs, and aileron surfaces by drilling additional drain holes as specified | Phenom 100
10-21-14 Piaggio Replace as required rivets of the joint brackets on the RH and LH beam with "Hi-Lok" fasteners | P180
10-20-5 Turbomeca Check the fuel metering system and perform maintenance procedures; repeat as specified every 210 operating hours | Arriel 2B
10-20-4 Gulfstream Revise the Limitations section of the AFM regarding maximum air brakes operation/extended speed | G200
10-20-3 Bombardier See AD regarding balance washer screw failure on ADG/ram air turbines | CL604 / CL605
10-20-24 Eclipse Issued to correct uncommanded changes to Com frequency, altitude preselect and transponder codes | EA500
10-20-21 Agusta If applicable by part number, modify the fuselage electrical and overhead panel electrical installation with a BATT BUS circuit breaker mod kit | A109E
10-20-20 Eurocopter Issued to detect a crack in the web of the planet gear carrier, borescope as specified | EC155B,B1; SA360C; SA365C,C1,C2,N,N1,N2,N3; SA366G1
10-20-2 Eurocopter Replace each affected hydraulic pump as specified | AS332C, L, L1, L2
10-20-10 Cessna Supersedes 06-23-5 | Inspect elevator inboard-hinge brackets as specified | 750
10-2-8 Turbomeca Visually inspect for absence of oil leakage or seepage from both unions of the intermediate bearing return flexible pipes | Turmo IV A and IV C
10-2-7 Eurocpoter Tap and visually inspect each blade in the root doublers for a void and in the forward and aft edges for a paint crack in the areas depicted | SA315B, SA319B

Showing Results 341 - 360 of 5103 | View All
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