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NOTE - This AD note listing is intended as a guide only and should not be relied upon as conclusive evidence of AD applicability on any particular aircraft. Entire Airworthiness Directives may be accessed at:

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AD No. MAKE Condensed description of ad note
11-16-1 Dassault Supersedes 11-12-51 | AD offers resolution to the emergency grounding of Falcon 7X aircraft from runaway trim | Falcon 7X
11-15-51 Bell Superseded by 12-14-7
11-15-5 Beechcraft Insert Hawker Beechcraft Corporation Log of Temporary Changes dated Feb 2011 as specified | B300 and B300C
11-15-11 Cessna AD to detect and correct damage in the wings and prevent overload failure of the wing due to the installation of STC SA5090NM from Flint Aero, Inc. | 337 Series
11-15-10 Lycoming Superseded by 12-3-6
11-14-9 Rotax Supersedes 11-11-3 | Replace defective washers that are part of the magneto ring flywheel hub as specified | DA20-A1
11-13-7 Dassault Supersedes 10-2-2 | Revise the Limitations Section of the AFM concerning the radio-altimeter lock-up conditions | Falcon 7X
11-13-5 Turbomeca Accomplish TU166 modification as specified | Arriel 2B and 2B1
11-13-3 Lycoming and Teledyne Cont AD prompted by a trubocharger failure due to machining debris, see AD for details and applicability | Multiple engines
11-13-10 Bombardier Supersedes 09-11-13 | Perform a detailed inspection for chafing and damage of the case drain tube from the hydraulic pump case installed on the left-hand engine as specified by applicable S/N | Larjet 45
11-12-8 Bell AD to detect corrosion or pitting in the forward spar area of a T/R blade to prevent a crack in the T/R blade or loss of the T/R blade | 205A, A-1, B, 212, 412, 412CF, EP
11-12-7 Eurocopter Visually inspect the adhesive bead between the bushing and the starflex arm for a crack, a gap or loss of the adhesive bead and inspect the starflex arms as specified | SA-365C, C1, C2, N, N1, N2, N3
11-12-51 Dassault Superseded by 11-16-1
11-12-4 Rotax Replace the magneto ring flywheel hub washer as specified | 912F3, 912
11-12-16 Schweizer Supersedes 11-1-52 | Remove locknut MS21043-3 from tailboom aft cluster and re-install as specified | 269A, A-1, B, C, C-1
11-12-10 Robinson Supersedes 07-26-12 | Visually inspect for skin seperation along the leading edge of any exposed blade skin aft of the skin-to-spar bond line on the lower surface of each blade as specified | R22, -Alpha, -Beta, -Mariner, R44
11-11-7 Diamond AD due to cracks found on DA42 Main Landing Gear damper-to-trailing arm joints, see AD for details | DA42
11-11-3 Rotax Superseded by 11-14-9
11-10-9 Cessna Supersedes 87-20-3 | Inspect/repair seat rails & seat assembly | various Cessna models
11-10-14 Dassault Supersedes 10-24-8 | Perform a visual inspection for correct installation of the emergency brake system number 2 as specified | Falcon 50

Showing Results 261 - 280 of 5103 | View All
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