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NOTE - This AD note listing is intended as a guide only and should not be relied upon as conclusive evidence of AD applicability on any particular aircraft. Entire Airworthiness Directives may be accessed at:

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AD No. MAKE Condensed description of ad note
11-22-5 Bell Supersedes 11-22-6, 03-22-6 | Inspect tail rotor rod contrl bearings | AS350, AS355 series
11-22-3 Rolls Royce Issued to prevent uncontained failure of the 6th-through-13th stage compressor wheel | AE 3007A, A1/1, A1, A1/3, A1E, A1P, A3
11-22-1 Rolls Royce AD issued to prevent failure of high-energy, life-limited parts, uncontained engine failure, and damage to the airplane | BR700-710A1-10; 710A2-20
11-21-51 Cessna AD prompted by a report of a battery fire that resulted after an energized GPU was connected to an airplane equipped with a lithium-ion battery as the main battery | 525C
11-21-18 Eurocopter To prevent jamming of a pilot cyclic control stick and subsequent loss of control of the helicopter | EC 120B
11-21-10 Diamond See AD regarding aircraft equipped with vapor cycle system a/c | DA 40
11-20-51 Pratt & Whitney Prompted by failures of certain first stage reduction sun gears manufactured by Timken Alcor Aerospace Technologies, Inc, | PT6A-15AG, -27,-28,-34,-34AG,-36
11-20-4 Gulfstream Cracked nuts found in multiple locations could result in failure of affected locations and consequent reduced controllability or reduced structural capability of the airplane | 200
11-2-2 Socata Supersedes 08-19-6 | Inspect/replace the pulley drive assembly as specified | TBM 700
11-18-9 Lycoming AD prompted by the failure of a crankshaft due to incorrect pasrts installed | IO-720-A1B
11-18-51 Honeywell Prompted by an excessive failure rate of PMA main shaft bearings, see AD for details | TPE331
11-18-19 Austro Engine Supersedes 10-23-9 | Inspect the fuel pressure supply for excessive oscillations using the inspection schedule in the AD as specified | Austro Engine
11-18-12 Eurocopter Supersedes 82-13-5 | dye check upper vertical fin | AS350B,B1,B2,B3,BA,D; AS355E,F,F1,F2,N
11-17-7 M7 Aerospace Repetitive replacement of specific flight control cables on affected serial number model SA226 airplanes | SA226-T, TC, AT
11-17-6 Socata Elevator trim tab actuator jamming, affects batch or part numbers, check for S/N inclusion | TBM 700
11-17-15 Embraer Regarding moisture that may accumulate and freeze in the gap between the AOA vanebase assembly and the stationary ring of the sensor body | Phenom 100
11-17-14 Agusta To detect an improperly torqued hub plug that could lead to tail rotor failure and subsequent loss of control | A109A, AII
11-17-13 Eurocopter To prevent nonisolation of electrical equipment creating the risk of uncontrolled electrical fire | EC120B
11-17-1 Agusta Supersedes 10-2-51 | Inspect the main scissor fitting assembly to determine if there are 2 washers installed under the head of each fixing bolt | A109A, AII, 109C, 109K2
11-16-5 Eurocopter To prevent exposure of the electrical wires, which could lead to a short circuit and activation of the indicator light without the high fuel level actually being reached | SA-365N, N1

Showing Results 241 - 260 of 5103 | View All
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