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Airworthiness Directives

NOTE - This AD note listing is intended as a guide only and should not be relied upon as conclusive evidence of AD applicability on any particular aircraft. Entire Airworthiness Directives may be accessed at:

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AD No. MAKE Condensed description of ad note
07-24-3 Embraer Add two reinforcements to the forward fuselage skin on the LH and RH sides as specified | EMB-135BJ
07-24-15 Piaggio Inspect fuselage drain holes and the passenger evaporator drain line for propper operation and do all necessary corrective actions | P-180
07-24-14 Hartzell Propeller Perform a one time eddy current inspection of the propeller mounting holes and replace the propeller hub if any crack is found as specified | Various Hartzell models
07-24-13 Cirrus Install a drain hole in the left and right outboard wing tips as specified | SR22
07-24-12 Eclipse Inspect the right and left fuel filler adapters for application of primer and/or paint and remove as specified | EA500
07-24-10 Turbomeca Replace the fuel filter drain screw with a new one and tighten it to an effective torque of 6.5Nm as specified | Arriel 2S1/2
07-24-1 Beechcraft Inspect and replace wiring within galley cabinet as specified | 400A
07-23-7 Socata Inspect main landing gear wheel axels to determine the batch number, if number is listed in AD then comply as specified | TBM 700
07-23-17 Bell Remove and replace each main rotor latch bolt that has a part number that is included in the applicability of this AD | 206A/B
07-23-16 Cessna Incorporate electrical power relay circuit protection kit part number SB525-24-02 as specified | 525B
07-23-14 Diamond Modify the engine electrical system by installing additional engine control unit backup batteries following Diamond Aircraft specifications, update aircraft records to show compliance and update the AFM | DA 42
07-23-13 Cessna Superseded by 08-26-4
07-22-2 Bell Supersedes 02-9-4 | Inspect tip weight retention block and aft tip closure as specified | 205, 212, 412
07-22-1 Bell Check for affected serial numbered transmission pylon support spindle, replace as required | 206A/B series
07-21-8 Beechcraft Inspect panel DA wiring for clearance and for signs of chafing or exposed conductors, replace as specified | 800XP
07-21-12 Embraer Install heat shrinkable sleeves on the inspection and refueling panel illumination lights wiring, and install nipples on the terminal lugs | EMB-135BJ
07-21-11 Pilatus Supersedes 00-21-14 | Inspect/repair torque oil-pressure tubes and py pressure pipe assemblies for abrasion damage or distortion | PC-12
07-21-10 Socata Inspect and follow instructions in regards to imperfect locking on ground of the upper access door opening interior handle | TBM 700
07-20-7 Beechcraft Inspect the left-hand and right-hand starter-generators | 390
07-2-8 Socata Inspect/Replace master cylinder yoke of brake system | TBM 700

Showing Results 681 - 700 of 5103 | View All
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