Want to make adjustments to your aircraft valuations? Follow the steps below.


Within each valuation page, there are eight valuation adjustment categories, including Airframe/Engine Utilization, Value Items, Maintenance Programs, Custom Adjustments, Paint, Interior, Avionics, and Conversion & Modifications.


Each valuation adjustment category will present different options for you to choose from. Select the adjustment that best fits your criteria. You’ll see the adjusted amount and trend line at the top once selected. Note that the Adjusted Retail Value will also update based on your selection before clicking “Done”.


Once you’ve made your selections, trend lines will also appear next to each adjusted valuation category. These lines indicate whether the adjustment increases or decreases the value of the aircraft.


You can also click the “More Values” button to dive deeper into the average and adjusted retail values. This includes Average Wholesale Value, Adjusted Wholesale Value, Factory New List Standard Price, and Factory New Average Equip Price.